Welcome to GameFrenzy.com!

We’re an online gaming magazine that caters to the hardcore gamer. Our team isn’t afraid of a little rough and tumble when it comes to game criticism, and we pride ourselves on reviews, interviews and other content that doesn’t pull any punches.

Meet the Game Frenzy Team

Our team is quite diverse. We’re male and female and young and old, and we’ve cut our teeth at a wide range of opportunities throughout the game industry. Many of us have worked for other prominent print and digital game publications, but our team also has experience in publishing, game development, marketing and much more. It’s a lot of experience that we pour into all of the content that we create.

Our Review Approach

Let’s lead with reviews because that’s the kind of content most associated with a video game magazine. We believe in honest and in-depth reviews. Our approach is exhaustive, ranging from story to mechanics, and that means that day one reviews aren’t a priority for us. In fact, we often advise against day one purchases, and some publishers even refuse us advance copies due to our sharp tongues. When our reviews do release, you read them knowing that we put the work in and are giving you an honest assessment that isn’t fouled by marketing dollars and pressure due to developer relationships.

Retro Reviews

Our team takes as much pride in retro reviews as we do the current ones. Many games age like a fine wine, and these deserve our attention as much and perhaps more so than the latest iteration in the Uncharted or Halo series. Retro games also provide great bang for the buck, so we turn a modern critical eye on them, and if we recommend playing them, we’ll even explore how you can optimize performance and use mods to overcome the aspects that perhaps haven’t aged so gracefully.

Hardware Previews and Reviews

We also have a real passion for gaming hardware, including the consoles. Our team can’t wait to get its hands on the new Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo, but of course, we’re PC gamers at heart, and powerful GPUs are really what set our hearts aflutter. We’ll put these cards and other CPU components through their paces, give you our buying recommendations and, in an ongoing series, help you get the most out of your investments through tweaking and overclocking.

The Gamer Frenzy Community

The GamerFrenzy.com community is a place where you can be yourself and discuss and play video games with people who are just like you. Our forums are a great opportunity to do just that. We’ll also keep you abreast of breaking gaming news via Twitter, so we invite you to subscribe to our feed. Our team also creates a number of weekly podcasts, including some that are broadcast live on Twitch so that you can interact with the hosts and the audience and help shape the program.